Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Essayus Interruptus"

This essay was very challenging to write to. In my opinion, I was more worried about my grade than actually forming a full arguement. I think I should have calmed down a little bit, and shortened my intro paragraph. I was very frustrated with trying to figure out what the prompt ment, and ended up rambling on about how boring it is when authors ramble on. I never did a pre-write because I don't usually do one, because I have never found basic essay constructing that difficult, but perhaps for this one I really should have. I never even finished my first body paragraph, because I simply did not know when to stop.

I never really thought about my essay since I started writing this, and since my mind was wandering even as I was writing it, I cant remember very much of it. That is making this assignment that much harder. Not only was my essay physically interrupted by the fact that we had to go get our textbooks from the library, but also mentally distracted by a thousand other things buzzing through my mind. I usually am able to focus for my essays, but this was just one of my bad days I guess.

Enough with these crappy complaints, on to the actual details of the essay. One of the things I should have mentioned if I didn't was that all essay authors' goal is to provide the window to thought mentioned in the prompt. Montaigne's style helps him with this by including a large body of evidence from everywhere. He uses the beliefs of actual philosophers and cultures in order to compare those beliefs to his own. Pride and Prejudice on the other hand uses much more emotion than Montaigne. mainly because of the different subject matter. Although, there were some subjects that were comparable. I can't remember any off the top of my head, but the stylistic difference was that montaigne took a much more nuetral stance on most things, and lets his sources do the arguing for him.

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