Monday, December 10, 2012

Literary Analysis: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

This was done with a little help from my friend Troy.

1. Robin Hood is a man that helps out whoever he finds that needs help the most. It takes place in the medieval era. Story starts with Robin Hood being declared an outlaw for hunting the King's deer. He meets Little John, wrestles him, wins, Little John joins Robin. Robin wins the shooting match, wins the Golden Arrow, then rubs it in the Sheriff's face. Robin's band grows as he meets more merry men. They all go to church and meet Friar Tuck. King Richard comes to Sherwoood. Robin Hood goes to his Cousin, a prioress, with a fever. She cut his arm then ran and locked the door behind her leaving Robin to bleed to death. Eventually Little John comes and rams the door down but Robin is too weak and with his last ounce of strength he shoots an arrow out the window and tells Little John to bury him where it lands.

2. The essential theme of the adventures of Robin Hood is good versus evil. Robin and his men are always pictured as good-hearted, even to those from whom they rob. As he gathers men to be part of his merry band, they vow not to harm women or children, and, "when the people began to find that no harm was meant to them, but that money or food came in time of want to many a poor family, they came to praise Robin and his merry men, and to tell many tales of him and of his doings in Sherwood Forest, for they felt him to be one of themselves."

3.His narrative delivery has a gentle tone that contrasts well with the rough characters, reminding the reader that Robin Hood's story is a legend. There's lots of fighting, but the emphasis on Robin's cleverness and his code make it a classic.

4. Rhetorical Question-"Now how about we get some ale into the hands of these Merry Men?"
Oxymoron- Little John.
Hyperbole-"Those that stood around saw the bravest display of fighting with a staff ever seen in Nottingham."
Simile-"He Fell like an angel from the sky."
Alliteration- "All Hail our Hooded Hero"
Flashback- "I am sorry i killed that forester as a youth, but I am not sorry i killed you Guy of Gisbourne."
Irony-"I believe you draw a better bow than that coward Robin Hood, who dared not come today." The Sheriff talking to Robin Hood in disguise.
Symbolism- Robin Hood winning the Golden Arrow was symbolic in that it showed no matter how many obstacles the sheriff would throw at him Robin would always come out on top.
Symbolism- Shooting the arrow out the window = Robin wanting to be one with the force that guides his arrows true.
1. Direct: Robin Hood- "No one who went to jolly Robin for help ever left empty handed." Jumps out and tells you Robin is generous and jolly.
Little John-"The large man stood a head taller than Robin and boasted Robin couldn't best him." Tells the reader Little John is large in stature and likes a challenge.

Indirect:The Tinker- "..came at Robin with more furry then Robin had ever seen.." Tells of how furious the Tinker was when Robin stole from him, yet the Tinker sings lovely ballads and is a very kind individual.
The Prioress- She is cousins with Robin Hood and was said to be  nice throughout the book, but at the end she cuts Robin and he bleeds to death. very dynamic and indirect.

2. The diction and syntax change with the different personalities that are presented in this novel. Robin who is smaller and better with the bow displays his skills when necessary. Little John is boastful and his diction and syntax have a hint of cockiness to them. A lot of his emotions are actually expressed through challenges, and his arrogance is shown as he worries how others view him (which we see degrades as the novel progresses).

3. Robin Hood is very static. He is known as the good guy throughout the whole story. Always very clever in the way he thinks and plans things out. Never changes as the story progresses. However he does have tons of great traits which are displayed throughout the book. He is round in the fact that he steals and resists authority.

4. No, Robin Hood in my mind will always be a legend. Almost a fairy tale. Although with the movie that came out not too long ago I did get a more realistic view on what Robin Hood could have resembled if he were real.

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