Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fall Semester Reflection

1. I almost never read colleagues' work online, mainly because the way I evaluate something is by showing each thing I think is wrong. This doesn't seem very fair because most of the stuff others' blogs isn't present on mine because I almost never update this thing. It wouldn't be fair for me to tear a work to shreds without a work of my own for them to tear to shreds.

2. Our course blog doesn't really change all that much for the students. Without a course blog, the only people drastically affected would be those on the outside.

3. Nothing about my attitude toward the work has changed based on the publicity of my blog.

4. The openness of the classroom has helped quite a few times for me when I need to find information that isn't quite relevant and applicable to every member of class.

5. It doesn't feel too different from any other class if you aren't afraid or shocked by the publicity. By the end of the year, it isn't about passing the A.P. exam, it's about preparing yourself for the rest of your own life chosen by you.

6. I'm afraid I misunderstood the last question, but I like my answer too much to simply delete it. I don't actually talk to people that aren't in the class about the class because the people I talk to aren't really curious about the goings on in a high school classroom.

7. The fact that nobody is super intrigued by my trivial, daily life does't bother me. It doesn't really affect my opinions toward this class.

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