Wednesday, January 16, 2013

St. Crispin's Day Speach

As far as memorization goes, I simply couldn't get myself to do it at all. It was rather lengthy and not very exciting. I could probably make a better inspirational speech with no prior thought on the matter. It didn't make me feel inspired. Dr. Preston's two reasons why this assignment was worth something were that memorization is good for the mind and we become more familiar with the text. To address the memorization aspect of this assignment, I can say that, as a person, I memorize a lot of things I experience, so adding another relatively insignificant speech to my mind won't really help. As far as becoming more familiar with the text. This speech doesn't have the flow that the other poems that we memorized had. So a person like me would subconsciously use mneumonic devices to memorize the words rather than the meanings. No extra time thought on the actual meaning. This assignment didn't feel like it was important and vital to my education.

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